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MSIP: Proposal Development

MSIP - Proposal DevelopmentStep 1: Pacing Guides - Creating the MSIP Schedule
Step 2: Mars Image Analysis - Learn About the Red Planet
Step 3: Question Mars - Developing the Research Question
Step 4: Proposal - Developing a Research Plan
Step 5: Targeting - Imaging Mars
Step 6: Symposium and Technical Reporting

Once students have established a research question, they are now ready to develop an MSIP proposal. All scientists write proposals to ask permission to do certain mission-specific things. In this case, your scientists (students) will be writing a proposal to ask permission to use the THEMIS camera to take a photograph of Mars. The proposal includes the teams question, an explanation of why this question is interesting and important to planetary geologists, two or three hypotheses and an explanation of why each could be true, a plan on how the team will collect and control that data collection using JMARS, a plan of the types of graphs the team expects to use in their research, and an explanation of why this team should be chosen to take an image of Mars using the THEMIS camera. The proposal will be presented or submitted to your MSIP Coordinator for review and feedback. The proposal phase is critical to ensuring student groups are collecting the data necessary to answer the question the team intends to answer.
Proposal Outline: