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MSIP Question MarsStep 1: Pacing Guides - Creating the MSIP Schedule 
Step 2: Mars Image Analysis - Learn About the Red Planet
Step 3: Question Mars - Developing the Research Question
Step 4: Proposal - Developing the Research Plan
Step 5: Targeting - Imaging Mars
Step 6: Symposium and Technical Reporting



   Question Mars
   NEW - NGSS and CCSS Designed and Aligned!

The Question Mars lesson is designed to support novice researchers (your students) in developing a Mars research question about their topic of interest. This lesson has been developed to recognize all scientists/researchers begin with a big question in mind. These questions are typically the nebulous “Why” or “How come” questions. However, scientists/researchers have been completing this process for so long, they naturally move to the next step, which is developing multiple possible answers, or hypotheses to this nebulous question. Question Mars works to help students develop these "working hypotheses" and choose the one the students feel is strongest. Once students have a selected a "working hypothesis" they will then be able to write their research question. With a little bit of help from JMARS, students will be equipped with the tools they need and the limitless possibilities available to research on Mars.

Background Talks:
Mars Geology presented by Dr. Steve Ruff, Mars Planetary Scientist
Other Resources:
Mars Image Explorer to find individual images by Image ID #
MSIP Team Results Page to look for ideas using past projects
Credible Sources Evaluation to evaluate web-based resources for crediblity