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MSIP - Team Results


School Name Grade Level Datesort descending Report Title
Xavier College Prep 10th - 12th 2010 Rootless Cone Frequency
Mercury Mine 5th 2011 Diameter of Volcanic Caldera and Laba Tubes Width
St. Simon and Jude 8th 2011 Which Tharsis Volcano is Oldest
Supai Middle School 7th 2011 Relative Ages of Mars Volcanoes
Xavier College Prep 10th - 12th 2011 Martian Lava Tubes
University Public School 5th 2011 Channels Formed from Lava or Water
Mercury Mine 5th 2012 Caldera Diameter and Volcanic Height
Neuqua Valley HS P5 11th Fall 2012 Depth, width, and length of volcanic and tectonic fractures
Christ the King 6A 6th Spring 2013 Evidence of Kimberlite Lava
Walter Bracken STEAM Academy 5th Spring 2013 Caldera Evidence of Supervolcano
Cybervillage Academy HS Spring 2013 Fissures and Related Processes
Adele C Young 6th - 7th Spring 2013 Age Dating Volcanoes
Harmony Science Academy HS Spring 2013 Landing Site Evaluation for Human Exploration
Bloomington HS P. 5 HS Spring 2013 Was Tinjar Vallis formed by water or lava?
Brookhaven Academy 8th Spring 2013 Elevations Impact on Lava Flow Length
Hobart and William Smith Colleges Early College Spring 2013 Evidence of Glaciation around Olympus Mons
Evergreen Middle School 7th Spring 2013 Locating Candidate Skylight Cave Openings
Lakewood High School P6 9th Fall 2014 Signs of Volcanic Actiivy near Dalmation Terrain
Concordia College Early College Winter 2014 Martian Caves and Relative Elevation
Concordia College Early College Winter 2014 Crater Density of Tharsis Montes Volcanoes
Concordia College Early College Winter 2014 Crater Erosion along Tharsis Montes Volcanoes
Lakewood High School 10th - 12th Spring 2015 Substances in or around Caves that could Support Life
Tolt Middle School P4 8th Spring 2015 Are Lava Tubes Habitable?
Tolt Middle School P6 8th Spring 2015 Were Candor and Ophir Chasma formed from Water, Lava, or Tectonics?
Everygreen High School 7th Spring 2015 Evidence to Support Choatic Terrain in Hydraotes Region was Caused by Magmatic Processes
Westhill High School 2B 9th Spring 2015 Similarities and Differences between Collapsed Lava Tubes and Water Channels
Westhill High School 6/7 A 9th Spring 2015 Is the Overall Size of the Lava Flow related to the Size of the Volcano?
Westhill High School 6/7 B 9th Spring 2015 What is the Relationship between Distance from the Caldera to the Closest Collapsed Lava Tube
Edwin Joel Brown Elementary 5th Spring 2015 Channels: Water or Lava