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MSIP - Final ReportStep 1: Pacing Guides - Creating the MSIP Schedule
Step 2: Mars Image Analysis - Learn About the Red Planet 
Step 3: Question Mars - Developing the Research Question 
Step 4: Proposal - Developing the Research Plan
Step 5: Targeting - Imaging Mars
Step 6: Symposium and Technical Reporting


The MSIP final report or presentation is a comprehensive culminating requirement for all student participants of the program. The team is afforded the opportunity to choose between Symposium (presenting their findings to a Mars Scientist) or Final Written Technical Report (submitting for publication to the Mars Education website similar to periodicals or journals do). Similar to that of publishing a scientific paper or journal, the MSIP final report helps prepare and train students to record their scientific findings and experiments in an organized manner so that future analysis and understanding can be construed from their research.
Scientific journaling is one of the most important tasks that scientists participate in and through this comprehensive requirement students that participate in MSIP can begin to work as real scientists do. In this report, the students are asked to define their scientific question, establish the background information that drives their research, explain the methods that they chose to use to collect their data and discuss their conclusions.
The MSIP Final Evaluation is used as part of the internal evaluation and feedback mechanism for all written reports sumitted for review and publication and also for providing feedback to teams after symposium. This evaluation tool is an excellent way to communicate the requirements scientists will use for presentation and technical reporting to your students.
Final Report: