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Maker Mars STEM Lesson

Earth supplies humans with everything we need to live. But what about when humans leave Earth? As humans travel deeper into space, how will humans adapt to their new environments - like Mars? What will humans need or pack for such a journey?
NASA is studying places like Mars and is in the planning stages as to where next to send astronauts. What will be the special tools they will need as they travel to other planets? How are these new places different from Earth and what must humans do to live there? What types of habitats will they live in? What will be the transportation they will use to get around on a far-away planet? What special tools will help them survive and thrive in these new places?
Maker Mars challenges you to think about the necessities of living on the Red Planet. Your task is to create, invent, or innovate items that will be needed for the first humans to live and work on a planet that is about 50 million miles from Earth!
Download the Maker Mars Lesson:

Maker Mars Lesson