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Engineering Resources
The newly revised Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) set to replace the current National Science Education Standards will include components of engineering into the curriculum standard. This will affect all classroom K-12 science teachers and trainers beginning in 2013. The ASU Mars Education Program student projects, MSIP and MESDT, already address the core necessities of the new engineering standards.
MSIP and MESDT are educator led student projects designed to engage student teams in the authentic scientific research through the utilization and merging of Mars mission data and classroom standards. MSIP and MESDT create an interactive classroom activity for grades 5-12 to participate in and incorporate the Next Generation Science Standards immediately into classroom activities.
Other lessons developed by the Mars Education Program for grades younger than 5th that can incorporate into directly into the classroom include:
Soda Straw Rockets – Grades 2-12
Marsbound – Grades 4-12
Rover Races – Grades K-12
Robotics Resources
Mars Robotics activities provide ideal ways to help students understand the role of engineering and technology in today’s world. From looking at personal robots to those we send to other worlds, these activities will help students learn the different elements necessary to design, build and support robotic missions to the Red Planet.
Classroom Activities
Media Resources from the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover Mission