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Mars Space Flight Facility Tours at ASU
The ASU Mars Space Flight Facility (MSFF) is currently accepting tour requests for groups of 10 or more persons. Tours are managed and operated by the ASU Mars Education Program. Tour groups interested in visiting the Mars Space Flight Facility must fill out the online form shown below with all the necessary information about their tour group in order for that request to be reviewed and to schedule a tour guide. Tours of MSFF are free and open to the public.
About the Mars Space Flight Facility and Tours
ASU’s Mars Space Facility Facility (MSFF) is located on the campus of Arizona State University. At MSFF the real science of studying Mars and learning about its history is happening daily! Scientists and researchers are using instruments on spacecraft at Mars to explore the geology and mineralogy of the Red Planet. The instruments and missions include the Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS) on NASA’s Mars Odyssey orbiter and the support of the Mars Exploration Rover, Opportunity and Mars Science Laboratory, Curiosity. On display at the facility we host a full-size Mars rover (Opportunity) model, bedded on reddish-brown sand in the buildings lobby. Tour groups and participants will have the opportunity to learn about the Red Planet and NASA’s Mars exploration program missions as well as the contributions that ASU is making in the advances of space exploration in and around our solar system.
Tour guides facilitating tours are education coordinators, science researchers and important mission operations specialists, of the ASU Mars Space Flight Facility and the NASA Mars Exploration Program. We ask that all final tour dates and times be kept as close to the scheduled time as possible. If a tour group is not able to arrive at the agreed upon date and time of the tour, the ASU Mars Education Program reserves the right to cancel the tour at any time. Please be certain of the date and time of your scheduled arrival before you arrive so that we may be able to most appropriately facilitate your tour to give the best possible experience when visiting the Mars Program at ASU. NASA OMB reporting requirements call for us to report on all visitors of the facility including total number of visitors, participant grade levels, gender and race. Student groups must be accompanied by at least one adult supervisor and/or teacher.
Please complete the form below in its entirety.