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MSIP - Team Results


School Name Grade Level Date Report Title
Westhill High School 2A 9th Spring 2015 Are Dust Devils more Common at Lower Elevations?
Westhill High School 10 A 9th Spring 2015 Are Sand Dunes found Downwind from Yardangs?
Rim Country MS 7th 2011 Direction of Dust Devils and Wind Streaks
St. John Bosco 8th 2012 Crater Diameter and Windstreak Length
John Read Middle School 5th Spring 2013 Dunes Shapes affected by Crater Walls
Tolt Middle School P1 8th Spring 2015 Abundance and Distribution of Transverse Aeolian Ridges (TARS)
Tolt Middle School P3 8th Spring 2015 Evidence of Prevailing Winds from Dunes
Upper Darby HS P5 HS 2012 Albedo Change and Martian Temperature
Kingswood Elementary 5th 2012 Dust Storm Longitudinal Study